Monday, 1 April 2013

Module 2

I really enjoyed this module and spent hours reading other peoples blogs before I made mine. I found Anna Gripton's blog interesting and totally agreed with her article about creativity being neglected in the classroom as we no longer have time for it in our busy schedules.
I found making the blog really easy as the format I used was simple and easy to follow. I think this is adequate for recording my own thoughts for this course however I will use Global 2 when I set up a class blog which I can't wait to do now that I have seen how useful they can be in allowing students to express themselves and interact with the school community.
My challenge will be to find out more about the Global.2 blogger and create a resourceful blog that I know my children will thoroughly enjoy and love working on.

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  1. Great to hear your enthusiasm for using Global2 to create a student blog Liz. I would highly recommend Kathleen's blog for some further ideas: