Saturday, 30 March 2013

Module 1

The first module of the Web 2.0 course has certainly opened my eyes to the potential of the internet. I wasn't aware of the enormity of it and really enjoyed watching the videos and visiting the recommended sites. My family are wondering what has happened to me as I have become permanently attached to the ipad.
While at first feeling a bit daunted at the task ahead of me  I am now excited by the prospect of becoming more familiar with the resources that are available to myself and my students and gaining the insight to use my new understandings in the classroom.
I signed into igoogle and designed my page which I am using in the classroom each morning so the children have something new to read at the beginning of the day. I also started a  Twitter account and joined the Contemporary Learning ning.
My challenge will be to organize and use the resources I have found in my teaching and pass on these new skills to my students.

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